Epson XP-200 vs. XP-400 and XP-300

What is the difference between the Epson XP-200 vs the XP300? The XP-300 includes a 1.44″ LCD and memory card slots for simple, PC-free photo printing. It also offers a slightly faster print speed. In the other hand, the XP400 adds the 2.5″ LCD to preview, edit and print photos, without turning on your computer and also offers borderless photos.

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Ink Cartridges and Refill

They use the same individual ink cartridges, the standard-capacity T200 and the high-capacity T200XL. The difference between Epson 200 and 200XL, the latter is the high-capacity cartridges that print 2x more than the standard ink cartridges.

All inks for the Epson XP-400, XP-300 and XP-200 are as follows:

  • Standard-capacity Black (T200120)
  • Standard-capacity Cyan (T200220)
  • Standard-capacity Magenta (T200320)
  • Standard-capacity Yellow (T200420)
  • Standard-capacity Multi-pack color (T200520)
  • High-Capacity Black (T200XL120)
  • High-Capacity Cyan (T200XL220)
  • High-Capacity Magenta (T200XL320)
  • High-Capacity Yellow (T200XL420)

According to Epson’s site the page yield for each containers are as follows:

  • Standard-capacity Black (T200120): About 175 pages
  • Standard-capacity Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (T200220, T200320, T200420): About 165 pages per color
  • High-capacity Black (T200XL120): About 500 pages
  • High-capacity Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (T200XL220, T200XL320, T200XL420): About 450 pages per color

Based on the recent ink prices, the approx. cost per page at 7.4 cents (black) and 5.4 cents. The ink cost may vary depending on the use and document types.

Epson%2520T200120%2520black Epson XP 200 vs. XP 400 and XP 300

Epson%2520T200520%2520color Epson XP 200 vs. XP 400 and XP 300

Epson%2520Expression%2520Home%2520XP 400 Epson XP 200 vs. XP 400 and XP 300

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